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Welcome to The Nanny House

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Hello there.

First off, our blogs are an informal place to answer questions, share stories, and give recommendations. I want this resource to feel comfortable and occasionally a fun read for both nannies and parents alike.

As a Louisiana native, it was important to me to serve the community I was brought up in as well as the professional one I have fallen in love with. I wanted to help foster relationships like those I have built myself. With nearly ten years in the industry I've seen more than my fair share. Some good, some bad, but always an opportunity to learn. I want all of our nannies to feel safe in their employment, educated in their industry, and empowered in their professional relationships. On the flip side, matching our clients with safe and reliable childcare is our number one goal. Our priority is and will always be educating our clients on the industry, as well as setting their family up for long term success. An appreciated and loved nanny can become a member of the family quite quickly. There are many nannies in the industry who still keep in touch with their nanny kids 20-30 years later.

I get a lot of questions asking what exactly an agency does. Is 'everything' an acceptable answer? Seriously, we do all of the parts you don't enjoy, and all the parts you didn't know about when it comes to hiring a nanny. The process can be quite daunting for those who haven't done it before, and still for those who have. Our agency scans applications, interviews extensively, checks references, completes thorough background checks, and matches appropriately. We look for nannies and sitters who have some childcare experience outside of family and friends. Some candidates have twenty years of nanny experience and just as many golden references. Others might be summer camp counselors and daycare teachers who are looking for new opportunities and have that something we are interested in. There are so many factors that go into hiring, and we take in the package as a whole. Additionally, we are looking for that special something in our clients too. The Nanny House is a business, sure. There are many agencies out there who will take client fees and not think twice. That's just not us. We accept clients based on their references, their interviews, background checks, and home checks. It is important to us to accept families who represent our values and who would be an asset to the industry as a whole just as we do candidates. We help lovely, kind, and remarkable families who we are proud to work with and happy to see them thrive in this new adventure.

Look out for our blog posts each week. You may find some information you've been missing, or just a story that makes your day. We'll see.

Best Regards,

Crystal Jones

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