The Nanny House is committed to carefully matching you with a client who fits your needs for employment as well providing a safe and healthy environment We take your experience, skills, and preferences into play to find you the best fit. You are an important part of The Nanny House team and we with provide support throughout the process to ensure your happiness.

Nanny Intake Process

Step 1:
To apply for registration with our agency you will need to fill out an application, submit your current resume, and professional photo.

Step 2:
After submission, you will be evaluated for your qualifications, experience, and professional references. After thorough evaluation, we will contact you to move forward with the interview process.
We will conduct a zoom interview to get to know you and your childcare philosophy as well as what you're looking for in an employer. If necessary we will continue with a more extensive in person interview.

Step 3:
If the interview process is a success, you will sign a registration contract and you’ll be eligible to be matched with a family. Once you are matched for a family interview, we will run your full background check. You’ll go through an initial meet and greet/interview that can transpire into a trial period and possibly a full matched placement.  

Step 4:
After the acceptance of a position, you will negotiate an extensive employment contract with the family  with our help and then proceed with your new placement.


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